Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Inside Our Family

Cole's colonoscopy yesterday went well. The results were both good and bad. His colon looked very good --no polyps or anything. So that is all good. The bad thing is we still don't know what is causing all of this. The GI doctor said it may just be "bad luck intussusception" and he may grow out of it. If it happens again, we may do an upper GI test. The other option is a surgery to pin his colon so it can no longer slip into itself.

As for us, we are doing okay. I thought the grief would be linear--each day and moment would be easier than the one before, but now I am learning it comes more in waves. It also leaves a lot of questions that we are trying to work through. Luckily, we have God and each other and that is making all the difference.

Cole and Logan are wonderful and a constant reminder of the blessings we have received. For that we are thankful. Here is what greeted us first thing this morning.

Cole, of course, had to climb in and join the party. He can't resist a picture.

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