Wednesday, February 27, 2008

(We Need) A Breath of Fresh Air

Our poor little Logan can not seem to stay well for too long. We are so ready for Spring around here!

We went to the doctor on Tuesday to make sure Logan's double ear infection was gone, and the doctor noticed he was working pretty hard to breathe. He was going to send us for a chest X-ray, but then he decided he would try a breathing treatment first. That worked, so he decided against the X-ray and were sent home with a breathing machine. We went back today to see how the breathing machine was working. The doctor sent us home with it again for two more days and we have to go back on Friday to get checked out one more time and see if our little Logan needs a steriod shot (Yikes!).


Erin said...

Poor Logan! This has been a nasy winter season for illness. I hope he gets better quick!

Natalie said...

Sweet little boy! I'm sorry he's been so sick! I'll be praying that the breathing treatments work!