Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Ready!

I have not disappeared from the blog-isphere completely!--I just took a bit of a hiatus. I thought I should catch you up on what has been going on lately.

We have been:

Logan turned ONE!!!
Here is a picture of his special breakfast.
(More on this later--it deserves a special one.)

Hanging out.
We have enjoyed our friends this summer. Cole is really started to have friends that he asks for by name.

Learning to enjoying each other.

Reading together.

Visiting family.

Here are the boys with cousin Hannah.

As cute as ever!

Doing a triathlon!

Here is mom and her friend Kathleen waiting to start the swim.

Swimming for the boys!
Here is Cole.

And Logan!

The last two pictures sum up a lot. Cole is cautious. Especially around water. Logan jumps right in--he doesn't know that he she be afraid of some things. Maybe it is the birth order thing? Logan has a great mentor (Cole) that has already taught him so much.

In other news:

  • I (Lauren) had my neurology appointment today (follow up for the Bell's Palsy/temporary face paralysis). Things look pretty good--although she said my eye was still a little saggy. I have a follow up brain and neck scan scheduled on Friday.
  • We got a lot of work done on our front flower beds. Our house is actually starting to look like we are doing things on purpose.
  • We bought a boat. Yup. It is 20 ft. long and cost $500 (so you can imagine the condition it is in). It is Zach's project for the next year (or two, or three, or ten...)

Hope this brings you back up to speed. And I promise to try and not let it go so long between posts again!

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tulip1810 said...


Your boys are getting big! How is the new one? Did you name his Roweyn? Don't know if I spelled that right. Looks like you are truly blessed even though you may feel you have no time to yourself.
In case someone forgot to tell you today, GOOD JOB!!!! It is all worth it.