Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yes! He took a nap today. Two days of no T.V. and he slept like a little angel.

T.V. is his very favorite thing. Each day he did not take a nap there was a sign on the T.V. that said "No Nap=No T.V." For a non-reader he could tell me what that sign said quickly!

In other news, I am constantly amazed at how different my two boys are.

Cole has always hated sleep; Logan reaches for the bed when I go to put him down. Cole tries to sweep and mop and cries and yells because he can't move the broom and mop the way he wants, Logan, on the other hand, picks up the broom and patiently moves it and is just so happy to hold the broom and pretend he is helping.

Logan is way more aggressive than Cole was at this age--he will give his cousin Brady a toy just so he can take it away. And today Logan did something that I always thought Cole might do, but thankfully never did...put his toys in the toilet.

This is not good. Especially because there is also a potty trained toddler here that doesn't always flush---so Thomas the Tank Engine and his friend Percy went swimming in a nice yellow lake.

Here is Logan taking something from Brady.
Logan wants the car, but Cole wants to share.

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