Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cole's 2nd Birthday!

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Cole's second birthday. We had a train cake (he is really digging the choo choo's right now) and some family and friends over.

This was my first attempt at the cake. It took me alllllll morning (during which I completely neglected the birthday boy and his brother--probably not the point of a birthday cake), and it promptly collasped and looked like, well, like this...

Zach came in from mowing and yard work to help me keep my sanity and this was the train cake that we came up with together. A decent attempt, but I think in future years we will be purchasing the cake from a nearby bakery. Here are some pictures of the family. Memaw and Aunt Angela, as well as brother Logan.
Here is Cole blowing out his candles. We took them out of the cake so he did not create a shower on the train tracks.
In case you missed the party, here is Cole offering you a piece of his birthday cake.


Christy said...

I think you did a great job of saving the cake. I also made and decorated Katherine's cake but was not quite as ambitious. I wish we were there at the celebration.

kiki said...

yummm!!!! thank you, cole, for sharing!!! :)sorry we missed your party!! i heard it was really fun from kristi!

love the new updates-logan's already looking so big!!