Thursday, July 26, 2007

Help Around the House

I have found it a bit more difficult to get my household in order lately. It is not so much from lack of time, it is more from lack of, oh I don't know, being able to be in two places at once. Cole is getting better and better at playing by himself, and Logan (except in the evening) is pretty easy. The biggest problem is that I can't leave them in the room alone together and go to the laundry room or another room to dust. Also, when Cole gets a hint of me trying to be productive, he goes into super crazy get mode and gets slightly bosterious trying to climb or bounce his baby brother in the bouncy chair or find a pen and write on the wall (thus leaving me more to clean).

So, I try to get Cole to help. Here is an example of him "helping" me put away the laundry.
Notice he is going for the already folding clothes.
You can even see his broom in the background. We just got done "helping" Mommy sweep.

It is amazing with all of this help that I am not able to get more done!


MacFadyen Clan said...

that's hilarious!! what a good reality check for me as i am about to enter the world of toddler and newborn!

Erin said...

I feel your pain! Our house hasn't been the same since Corinne was born, either! Fortunately, she is now a little more hardy and I can leave them alone together. But Andrew has that same radar as Cole about mommy being productive - what is that all about?