Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mr. Pee-Body

To help Nick prepare for the upcoming arrival of his son (Yes! It's a boy!) in December, Logan decided to break him in a bit.

Uncle Nick swore he felt something warm on his leg, and I assured him that sometimes it felt warm through the diaper and Gramma (Vicki) backed me up saying the diapers these days don't normally leak (if they are changed enough, and we had just recently changed Logan).

When his picked Logan up off his lap there indeed was a wet spot. Nick was forced to borrow shorts and underwear since Logan took the liberty of wetting Nick's.

This may have been Logan's retaliation for Nick "learning" to hold a baby. There might have been some whiplash involved while a very nervous mother looked on.


The Regers said...

What a creative and quick way to organize and share memories for family and friends - thanks for sharing this - and I thought the b-day cake was awesome!
Nikki Reger

Erin said...

This gave me such a giggle! You have a funny way with words Lauren!