Thursday, July 26, 2007

Help Around the House

I have found it a bit more difficult to get my household in order lately. It is not so much from lack of time, it is more from lack of, oh I don't know, being able to be in two places at once. Cole is getting better and better at playing by himself, and Logan (except in the evening) is pretty easy. The biggest problem is that I can't leave them in the room alone together and go to the laundry room or another room to dust. Also, when Cole gets a hint of me trying to be productive, he goes into super crazy get mode and gets slightly bosterious trying to climb or bounce his baby brother in the bouncy chair or find a pen and write on the wall (thus leaving me more to clean).

So, I try to get Cole to help. Here is an example of him "helping" me put away the laundry.
Notice he is going for the already folding clothes.
You can even see his broom in the background. We just got done "helping" Mommy sweep.

It is amazing with all of this help that I am not able to get more done!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

One Month Old!

Our little Logan is one month old. He does not sleep quite as much as when we first brought him home, but he is overall an easy baby. He is pretty happy most of the time--especially in the morning. Like most kiddos, he does get a little fussy in the evening.

His eating is going well (as you can see from the pictures). He even likes to eat all through the night. The most he has ever gone without eating is four hours and that is usually followed by needing to eat in two hours. So, we are up at least two times (sometimes four) at night. That is okay though, it is special time with just the two of us and I get to watch some interesting things on TV.

Cole and Logan are getting along pretty well. On the rough days, Logan cries when he sees big brother coming at him (after Cole has not been "gentle"). On the good days, Cole can make his little brother smile.

And smile we do! We had our first smile at the doctors office during our one month well visit. We also found out Logan was 22 and 3/4 inches long and 10lbs 60z.
Overall, we are doing well and so far think the transition from one to two kiddos was easier than zero to one.

Here are some pictures of our growing boy...

Daddy and Logan doing some male bonding.
Telling grandma how grumpy we are.
Relaxing a bit before we have to defend ourself from big brother trying to run the Little People bus into our head.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cole's 2nd Birthday!

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Cole's second birthday. We had a train cake (he is really digging the choo choo's right now) and some family and friends over.

This was my first attempt at the cake. It took me alllllll morning (during which I completely neglected the birthday boy and his brother--probably not the point of a birthday cake), and it promptly collasped and looked like, well, like this...

Zach came in from mowing and yard work to help me keep my sanity and this was the train cake that we came up with together. A decent attempt, but I think in future years we will be purchasing the cake from a nearby bakery. Here are some pictures of the family. Memaw and Aunt Angela, as well as brother Logan.
Here is Cole blowing out his candles. We took them out of the cake so he did not create a shower on the train tracks.
In case you missed the party, here is Cole offering you a piece of his birthday cake.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Four Weeks Old

Well, it is 3 in the morning and I should be getting sleep, but for my Aunt Sharron I will write a blog instead. Just kidding! It is only 7:15 and I am stealing a few moments while Cole is watching Charolette's Web with his grandparents and Zach is holding the baby. I have several events to catch up on, so expect a new blog for the next couple days.

The first is Logan turning four weeks! (He is over 5 weeks now, but like I said, I am behind.)

Aren't we getting big! We have lost our new born look...
He is really filling out. He is not too happy here!
Here is Cole and Logan. Cole really likes to hug and hold his brother.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I will post about Cole's 2nd birthday!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Three Weeks Old

Logan is three weeks old today. When we put his pictures of the his first week next to these, we cannot believe how much he has grown! He is getting to be a chunky little thing!

Our sweet little tired chunk. Can you believe those cheeks?!
Here is a sleepy and milky Logan. Notice Cole's little hand on the crib.
He is getting rolls on his arms and legs.