Monday, March 17, 2008

Potty Talk

Cole finally has made the leap and started to poo poo in the potty! There is a story about one of our family members that when she was trying to get her kid to poo poo in the potty he was having trouble. The kid finally happened to do it when she had friends over and she brought the potty with the poo poo in it for all to see.

I think I have laughed about the story in the past, but I now have a new understanding and have thought about doing the same thing. (I even thought about posting the poo in the potty for the world to see!)

Cole has also learned to pee pee outside when we are in the backyard playing. Today I was working on the computer while he was playing in the backyard. I heard some serious grunting. I looked up and he apparently thought the pee pee in the backyard translated to poo poo in the backyard. He had his pants down to his ankles and was doing some serious pushing!

1 comment:

MacFadyen Clan said...

yea cole! tell him we are very proud of him! it is a big deal!
we'd love to see any pictures you want to post! =)