Friday, June 22, 2007

Colorful Cole

Today Cole was coloring with markers. I started looking out the window and apparently got distracted by a tree or something (the sort of thing that happens when you aren't getting enough sleep) and when I looked back, Cole had colored his legs. I tried to keep coloring with him (redirecting him toward the paper), but it was too late--the seed was planted. We put the markers up when Cole looked at the marker, then looked at Logan--you could almost see the wheels turning--he hopped out of his chair, and I got to the marker just before his baby brother became Cole's newest canvas.

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kiki said...

this brings back so many memories!!! :) if we could just bottle up their energy and creative "thinking"... we had "creative" haircuts on baby brother, wall drawings, "closet cleanings", cabinet "re-organization", etc!! praying for your energy level, lauren, eyes in the back of your head, and a sense of humor at all times!!! anxious to meet logan!!