Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One Week Old

Logan turned one week old yesterday. He is getting quite the belly on him. So far, he is a really easy baby (I am almost scared to admit this for fear it will change). In fact, and I will probably laugh about this quite soon as Logan seems to be waking up a little and developing a personality, I called the doctor yesterday to make sure he was not sleeping too much and that it was okay that he didn't need us to hold him all the time. We are learning very quickly that he is quite different then Cole was as a baby. Thank goodness we didn't know better when we had our little Cole.

Overall, things are going well. Cole seems to be doing just fine (and is quite helpful as you can see from the picture--that is Logan's changing table), and aside from being a little tired and moody from time to time, I am recovering from having a baby and already miss parts of the pregnancy (but not enough to do it any time soon). We are doing well and just trying to get sleep and settle into being a family of four.

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Coolio said...

Logan is so precious! I can't believe how much he has grown in a week! And Cole looks like he is quite the big helper! :) I'm glad you are recovering quickly....can Logan teach Carson all about sleeping and being so quiet?! Sounds like you have an angel baby on your hands!