Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hard Work

Being almost 2 is hard work! It is so tiring playing and eating and napping. Oh, and constantly finding things to climb and seeing how much we can get away with.

Everynight, it seems, Cole picks toys to take in bed with him. We are just happy he makes it back to his bed to sleep. This picture was taken a couple nights ago; I could hear the drill going for probably 15 minutes before he fell asleep( and, of course, we must have our hard hat on while doing such work. In fact usually Mommy or Daddy has to wear a hat too--you can never be to careful!)


Emily said...

Hi Lauren! I must admit that I really enjoy your blog...and find myself laughing at the funny things kids do and say! You and your family keep me thank you! :-) I'm so excited about your new addition next week! Good luck...and I can't wait to see pictures!


kiki said...

best of luck, lauren!! we're praying for you!!