Monday, April 14, 2008

Hooray! I was sick!

What a joy to be sick! I was just sick enough Sunday to need to stay in bed (but not sick enough that I couldn't enjoy it) and my sweet husband took the kids. I slept soooo hard and felt better by about one. It was so wonderful to get to relax and not have to worry about the kids. Zach did a great job!

In other news, Logan got his eye procedure done again today. The doctor said there is a 5o% chance that it will work on the second time. If it doesn't work, we will go have a procedure done at the hospital where Logan will be out and they will insert a balloon or tube to open up the duct. I am thinking there is a good chance of it working this time, however, because he got a bloody nose after the procedure. Last time it all just stayed in his eye, so maybe second time is the charm!

I decided not to be in there this time. I think that was a good decision! It felt like it went by much faster and I didn't have a near sick experience. Cole and I just hung out all of two minutes until a sad little bloody nose baby was handed back to me.

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Leah (Galloway) Flores said...

When are your boys' b-days? The pictures from HEB are from my phone and then I send them to my e-mail. So, do you stay home or do you work? Where do you live? Did you hear Lauren E just had a baby boy? Talk to you soon.