Monday, April 7, 2008

Not Funny!

Cole has learned something new. He loves to tell me when things are "not funny."

For example, this morning I was helping him get dressed and he gave me a little kick. I told him that we do not kick Mommy. He reaching out his little foot and ever so slightly touched my leg with his toe. I shot him a warning look, to which he said, "Not funny, Mommy!"

Fast forward to nap time. Cole gets a spanking when he gets out of bed. When the threat of a spanking is offered he usually says, "Mommy spankin. No Daddy spankin!" Mommy's spankings are just, well, not that bad. He has actually laughed after them before. (I keep thinking that it is just the act that will teach him--he will realize he has done something wrong, feel bad and fix his behavior. Zach informs me, however, that we have a little boy and they don't have a consciences to hurt until around middle school--sometimes high school).

So at nap, he got out of bed. I put him over my knees, gave him a spanking. He smiles at me and guessed it. "Not funny!"

Here are a couple of other things that are "not funny."

Hitting Logan in the head with a brush/hotwheel/toys/anything that can be used to hit a little brother in the head

Shutting Logan's hands in the toy chest (see picture)

Peeing in his pants

Feeding Rusty Cole's breakfast, lunch or dinner

Opening the fridge when he is not supposed to

Hurting Mommy (voluntarily or involuntarily) by dropping a toy on her foot, out of control hugs from behind, jumping onto her lap from the arm of the couch, ect...


Leah (Galloway) Flores said...

Your boys are so cute with those beautiful baby blues like their mommy. I probably never told you how I always thought you had the prettiest eyes. I've added you to my friends, so now we can keep in touch!

Alison said...

HI!!!! So great to hear from you! What precious boys you have and you are the cutest mommy! What a blessing children are! We have to keep in touch!