Friday, April 25, 2008

Trip to Abilene

Zach has been working a TON lately for some project at work. Last Thursday he came home and told me he was going to have to work a long day on Friday and on Saturday. Friday morning I woke up and thought that the boys and I would have a lot more fun in Abilene with family than staying by ourselves all weekend. So Cole, Logan and Mommy took an impromptu trip to Abilene and Daddy stayed home to work (poor Daddy!).

We had so much fun! It was great to see Meemaw and Peepaw, Mimi and Poppa, and Paul, Lenda and Mendy. Cole had a great time out at Meemaw and Peepaw's land and sitting on the tractor and playing with Meemaw. I think he had the most fun, though, trying to spray Papa with the hose. I had fun eating breakfast with everybody (Mimi cooked wonderfully as always), visiting with family and friends, and shopping with my mom. I also got the all-important food from Abuelo's! Logan loved trying to catch Jesse (Mimi and Poppa's dog), trying to play with Mimi's glasses, and attempting to escape as Meemaw changed his diaper.

I have ton of pictures to post, but that feature is not working on blogger, so I will keep trying. Look for them soon!

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