Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pictures from Abilene!

We went out to Mom and Bill's land. Cole had a blast. It is such a fun place for boys (little or big, I'd imagine). Cole loved the tractor and Meemaw was brave and agile enough to climb up there with him at his request.
Bill and Cole were checking out the tires of the tractor. They were so big that Cole was scared sitting on top of it.

At Mimi and Poppa's house, Logan made himself at home. We had to baby proof quickly and hold things down so Logan didn't not them over. Cole helped us baby proof by finding all of the candy for us.

Cole and Poppa had a great time playing with the hose. Cole got the hose and tried to fill up the bird bath, then decided it was more fun to try and spray Poppa. Watching all of this was one of the funniest parts of the entire trip.

About 30 seconds from when this picture was taken, Cole tried to use the hose for more mischievous purposes...

We met my one of my best friend's from high school at the mall. Her three kids and my two had a great time playing on the indoor playgroup.

Here are more pictures of Cole in the tractor.

Logan loved being held my Mimi. She had to take her glasses off because Logan kept trying to take them off of her face (probably to put them in his mouth).
And here is Poppa out at the land, he was watching Cole and helping Meemaw get down from the tractor.

We had such a fun time and can't wait to go back again. Zach was sad when I showed him the pictures. He said it looked like we had so much fun and he wished he could have been there too!

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