Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!!!
Today we went to a parade in our neighborhood. Here are some pictures of the grand event:

Here are Daddy and Cole posing for the camera.Here are Daddy's and Cole's versions of smiles when I told them to smile for the picture. (They both look like they are in pain...)
Cole sat on Daddy's shoulders for the parade. He was the most interested in the dogs, the train and the firetruck.
Here is our neighbor, Dot, doing an interview for the news (channel 33, the CW, at 9 for those of you in Dallas). Cole loves Dot because she always gives him cinnamon and sugar graham crackers when he sees her. If she comes out of here door, Cole will go running for her.
Here (for all my adoring fans, or at least for Kelly) is a picture of the family which showcases my very large belly. Cole, again, looks very happy that we are taking this picture.

We hope yall are having a great holiday weekend!

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