Thursday, May 3, 2007

When the Lights Go Out in the City...

Cole is doing so much better! He has no fever and his happy disposition is back (although his little fits are getting more intense--today he went nuts when I wouldn't let him play with the broom. I wish I felt that connection with cleaning!).

We had quite the night last night! Our weather was riddled with thunderstorms and an incredible amount of rain. Our power went out around 7:15pm. It finally turned on at around 4:00am this morning, but not before our little Cole got out of bed and made a run for his parents. Now, usually there is quite a bit of light in his room, even at night, since the lamp post in our front yard can double as a second sun. Last night, however, when Cole got up and went running, he did not have the aid of light filtering in through the window. That is why I heard a loud THUNK and then a cry piercing the night. He had run into his door in his hurry to get to us. By the time I got to his room, he was hiding in the corner still crying and rubbing his now sore head. (When he hits his head he doesn't want a kiss, he wants it rubbed really fast...)

The picture I posted is yet another time that Cole hit his precious little head. We went outside for one of the first snows. Cole was in his winter jacket, which greatly reduced the use of his hands. He started to tip forward and fell straight on his head. That is the spot of dirt on the white hat. Thank goodness kids are so hardy!!!

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