Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Say Cheese...

Cole has always liked getting his picture taken. Somewhere around six months he would smile if you got the camera out. Here are a couple pictures of Cole hammin' it up. The first two are around 3-4 months and the third is Cole at around 10 months.

In Cole's vast experience with cameras, he also has had many, many X-rays. This comes from two hospital stays from intussusception, an emergency room visit and now a sickness that will not seem to stay away. Yesterday was his latest photo shoot of his insides. The results turned out fine, and he seems to be getting better, but it appears as though our little tike has allergies that lead to sinus infections.

Our sweet little man gets spoiled during these bouts of sickness. For example, he currently is getting to stay up way past his bedtime and is sitting on Daddy's lap watching the Maverick's game. I can hear a little sniffle every once in a while--to let us know he is sad and cannot possibly go to bed all alone in his current state. (We can't let him cry it out when he is sick.)

As for our littlest man, he is doing well. His constant movement causes contractions, so my abs and back are tired from having contractions all day long. I had a doctor's appointment today. He said everything sounded great. He could feel one of the contractions while I was there so he made sure I wasn't progressing, so at 33 weeks everything was fine, and no labor was starting. That is great! I want the baby to stay in and get ready until he is full term and healthy--then I will try to coax him out. I am not above bribing.

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Amy said...

Those are some great pictures... I'd never seen any of Cole at that age!