Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Name Game

We cannot come up with a name! Our soon-to-be-due little boy is currently simply known a "Brother". We would like your help!!!
If you suggest the name we use, we will send you a gift card (to Starbucks or Target or anywhere you would like). PLEASE help us (specifically me, Zach in threatening to name our son Willard)!

You can either post the name on the comments or send the suggestions to

As for the picture, it was just so cute I had to post it--it doesn't really have anything to do with the blog:).


Amy said...

I told you I had a name for you on Sunday ... hows about "Greyson"

jon said...

I refuse to believe that Zach would have difficulty naming anything. It has always been one of his true gifts, if not his passion. Just ask him how many names any of his pets have had in the past. In truth most of them may not have been Birth Certificate worthy but the gift is there.

Ok I got one, I think Zach will like, it also happens to start with a G.
It's almost poetic how it rolls of the tongue. Send me my gift card now! We have a winner.

Kelly said...

I think that Evan would be cute!