Friday, April 6, 2007

My Boys

Okay, I admittedly wasn't that great at my last blog, so I am going to make a strong attempt at this one. After all, I have too wonderful sons (although we technically haven't seen one of them) to report about.

The eldest of the two has been working on his climbing skills and can now successfully climb out of his crib. The first morning he started crying at 5:30 and our attempts in letting him "cry it out" for a while ended with a creeking door and Cole running down the hall (trying to escape the grasp of the evil crib, no doubt). The second morning I thought I would just make it in there as soon as he started crying so he didn't crawl out and hurt himself. Instead, at 6:10 I hear the rattling of our door knob and jump up to open the door. Cole is there squealing with delight, happy that we could join him so early in the morning. We have changed his crib up a bit, which has served to confuse him enough that we have had a couple days where we didn't have to worry about him. After a visit to my sisters house, we are going to make the change to a toddler bed. I am a bit nervous about this.

As for Brother, he still has no name. Any suggestions would be great! We like strong, not common (but also not odd names). He has been kicking and jumping in my tummy and I think he will be strong like his brother.

In other news, Cole and I (mom) have both been exposed to Fifth Disease. We found out yesterday afternoon that one of the kids in Cole's Mother's Day Out class had it. We are praying that neither of us get it. It is apparently not good for pregnant mothers, as it can mean bad things for the baby. I immediately called the doctor and found out the range of affects it may have. It may be nothing or it may be really bad--so pray for us that we all remain healthy. Unfortunately, it also means Cole probably can't go back to MDO for a while (maybe at all) until the incubation period had passed and none of the other kids get it.
I posted a picture of Cole. He is awfully cute--but if you look above his left eye (your right), he has a knot. At music class, he and another little boy had a head-on collision...A typical day/injury for him.

As I said, I will try to do a bit better on this blog. Check it and leave me comments!


Karen Kolinek said...

Okay, Zutie darling----NOT TO WORRY! My second had Fifths when I was preggo with my third 11+years ago----ALL IS WELL AND THEY LIVE to torture and love mommy are doing a perfectly FABULOUS job parenting...I know this, first because I am Karen and I know all---ha-----second because if the little darling is confident enough to climb and be rotten he is going to be the next PRESIDENT OF.....whatever you and Zach want....or whatever he or his wife want....or whatever he wants........Seriously, love you Lauren, wish you were still here and Dr. Zach wanted to practice in B/CS so I could watch over you all and satisfy my motherly instincts with adults who respond to advice instead of these precious/rotten teens and pre-teen who have been entrusted to me....Take care and Happy Easter (unless you only check your blog once a month???) By the way, what is a Blog and how can an old 42 year old get one????Just kidding....computers and I have a long standing love/hate relationship.....Tell Mr. Zach I said, "HEY!...." and tell Cole to mind his mommy, she has to last the next 47 years at least...Lots of Love little one. Karen

Karen Kolinek said...

LAUREN.....SEND ME AN E-MAIL.....NOT ON BLOG FOR know my school e-mail account///
Love ya!