Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tummy Troubles

Well, we spent most of last night in the hospital. We thought Cole's tummy problem had come back. Happily, it did not, but it took about 6 hours and a painful test in the ER to ensure that it had not. It was really hard to let them run tests that we knew would hurt him--especially because by that point we were pretty sure he was fine.

He is doing better today, a little tired--but I think we all are since we didn't get home until around 11, and then I wanted to make sure and wash all the hospital germs off of us. He is not acting at all like yesterday (holding his tummy, lethargic, crying...) just a little clingy and sensitive.

As frustrating as it is to be in a hospital for 6 hours, it beats being there for the three days like we were each of the past two times and not knowing what might be wrong (like the first time). It also serves to remind me how wonderful Cole is and how blessed I am to get to stay home with him! Being a parent is hard!

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kiki said...

poor baby-& poor mommy and daddy!! hope everyone feels better soon!! our prayers are with you!!