Tuesday, April 17, 2007

31 Weeks and Counting...

I went to the doctor today and found out that I have gained 6 pounds in the last 4 weeks! Yikes!!! In my defense, I have started swelling a little, so let's pretend that a lot of that is water weight. I am also slightly anemic (common during pregnancy), so of course I need to do a lot of resting. I should probably take a nap today, oh, and I guess a little iron.

I only have 7-9 weeks left! A little scary, but I am looking forward to meeting our little boy (who still has no name!).
In other news, Cole did not come down with Fifth Disease and we can now come out of seclusion!!!

I put a posted a picture of Cole and me (as requested by my mom) (again, yikes!!!) and of the three of us. This was Easter a week ago.

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Kelly said...

I love your Easter pics. They turned out really great! I am glad all is going well!