Thursday, May 24, 2007


My nesting phase has definitely kicked in during this last bit of pregnancy. Whether a blessing, or a cruel trick of nature, unfortunately the male does not experience this need to get everything perfect before the baby arrives. It really puts a damper on the whole nesting thing since he is still thinking logically (No, Lauren, we can't redo the living room, Cole's room, finish the nursery, redo the landscaping and most of the guest bathroom before Logan gets here).

In a compromise, we decided to work a little on the front yard. You know, just the basics: raking out the flower beds, killing every thing except the hedges and one tree, planting a new tree, redo the metal lining, replace the bark, planting necessary flowers, sawing down and replacing the light fixture (see pictures)--you know, the real simple quick stuff. Unfortunately, everything takes a bit longer than you would think, and NOTHING is simple and quick when you are nine months pregnant. Bending down once is an accomplishment in and of itself (and I am not even talking about standing back up again!)--much less staying in that position to pull a million weeds and strawberries (WHO plants strawberries in their front flower beds?!)

So Zach is helping (or forcing) me to stay under control. I went to get my hair trimmed today (no split ends for those hospital pictures were I am swollen from IVs and pushing and have the lovely look of just giving birth I tell ya!). As I began talking to the stylist, I realized that I am quite a little (or large) ball of stress lately. (I wonder if stylists must go through a counseling course before they get their license?) I am trying to be a bit calmer and zen about things, but I think the hormones have me. Why fight the feeling? After all, I am getting an awful lot done. Yesterday I:
  • Finished organizing the nursery
  • Ironed and replaced the bedding on Cole's "big boy bed"
  • Did four loads of laundry (including washing everything that might possibly touch little Logan in Dreft)
  • Packed my suitcase for the hospital
  • Hauled out and gave away stuff we didn't want
  • Washed all of the toys for Logan
  • Organized and put away all of the hand-me-downs that will be too big for Logan for a while
  • Cleaned out drawers
  • Cleaned out my refridgerator
I might have kept going, but my back put a stop to all of it. Cole was very good while he was watching his crazy mom run around the house. He even brought his toys to the couch to play next to me when I got to the point that I was no longer able to move. No telling what I might get done if this last the rest of my pregnancy!


kiki said...

WOW!! if you get your house whipped into shape, will you come work on mine? :) too bad we can't market this ENERGY that you and kristi have right now!! we could all retire!!good luck-to you AND zack-in the home stretch! we're saying our prayers and looking forward to the blessed event!!! give cole a hug from the abilene crowd!

Christy said...

I am so amazed at how much you accomplished. I can't get all that done in one day and I am not pregnant.